Prof. Dr. Holger Buxel


Lecturing & Research

Professor for marketing & management (since 2005), University of Applied Sciences Münster, special focus on packaging & food



Market Research & Surveys

Professional survey and market research expertise (since 1998), focus on:

  • Target group analyses and customer surveys
  • Concept tests for new products and business models
  • Satisfaction and needs surveys
  • Expert surveys
  • Trend analyses
  • Segmentation



Management consulting (since 1998), extensive international project experience with a focus on:

  • Sustainable product management
  • LCA / Lifetime analyses
  • New business development & product innovation
  • Industrial packaging, consumer packaging
  • Food
  • ...



Facilitation of target-oriented strategy conferences and business workshops with many participants (by applying methods such as MOVE, RTSC, …)


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